What should we pay attention to in the process of conveyor belt processing

Conveyor belt in the process of processing and filling reinforcing agent of rate of breed, dosage and mar the wear resistance of rubber has a big impact, wear resistance and adhesive content has a direct relationship, who can make the combination of rubber added factors, both good for abrasion resistance, so follow product add carbon black appearance, structural progress and improvement of disintegrating degree, wearability will then progress, The laxity of carbon black has a great influence on the abrasion of rubber material.

Under the condition of rigid structural impact of silica significantly, generally speaking, the wear resistance of rubber are affected by the carbon black of disintegrating degree, high wear-resistant carbon black filled rubber abrasion resistance than high about 10%, 20% lower than in wear-resisting carbon black, and rubber belt manufacturers, the abrasion resistance of medium wear-resisting carbon black in high temperature environment and the harsh conditions of test.

What should we pay attention to in the process of conveyor belt processing

Research results show that in natural rubber or styrene butadiene rubber, generally choose 50 to 60phr carbon black, 5-7phr oil is appropriate, excessive consumption, wear resistance will be reduced. When the amount of carbon black in the butadiene rubber is improved from 45phr to 60 to 70phr, and the oil is improved from SPHR to 15-20 PHR, the wear resistance of the rubber material is improved, and the rubber material is mainly butadiene rubber.

The wear resistance of the high filling compound is better than that of the low filling compound in the manufacturer of wide rubber belt. Other ways to improve the wear resistance of rubber: appearance treatment method using liquid or gaseous pentafluoride antimony or hydrochloric acid, chlorine of nitrile rubber appearance can decline the friction coefficient of rubber products, product abrasion resistance, rubber conveyor belt abrasion resistance to fatigue and characteristics such as cement plant heavy transport belt when rubber is repeated alternating stress (or strain).

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