Pattern conveyor belt


Typical floral pattern

● Product Category Segmentation

Different skeleton materials can be used according to the conveying place, conveying distance, tense travel and conveyor belt strength
Layered fabric core conveyor belt (short haul, low strength)
Wire rope core conveyor belt (downhole flame retardant, long haul distance, high strength)
According to the delivery of materials, temperature, energy consumption requirements, can choose to use different types of adhesive
Flame retardant, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, oil resistance
Decide the length, width, height, Angle and spacing of the pattern and convex block according to the bandwidth, strength and material thermal property required by conveyor system.

● Structural features and uses

The inclination limit of the general plane conveyor belt transporting material route is about 22°. When a reliable conveyor belt is needed to be used in larger inclination transportation, sometimes more than 30° or even up to 40°, the conveyor belt with a convex pattern on the cover glue is a better choice, which can effectively prevent the slide of materials in the process of transportation. The pattern belt produced by our company has the following characteristics: the pattern protrusion and the cover glue of the belt body are simultaneously formed and vulcanized.
With a variety of bandwidth, provide a variety of patterns and convex block height combination, to meet the needs of most applications.
The pattern will change the lateral stiffness of the conveyor belt, and the groove forming performance of the conveyor belt can meet the requirements of high groove forming of three, four or five rollers with large groove angles used on the large inclination conveyor.

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