Tongtai rubber belt conveyor belt wear, scratches, fracture, layer and other problems and treatment

Belt conveyor is a kind of transport equipment commonly used in production. The belt is an important component and one of the more expensive parts. Once the belt is damaged in various forms, it will affect the efficient operation of production. This paper summarizes the common six types of damage, and according to the different reasons put forward improvement suggestions, for our production reference.

  Several common forms of tape damage in Shandong Tongtai Rubber Co., Ltd

  Normal wear of tape: wear during normal use;

  Abnormal wear of the tape: skidding and breaking, running sideways grinding edge, etc.

  Longitudinal scratches of the tape: the so-called scratching belt;

  Transverse belt breaking: the belt appears in the process of operation;

  Tape interface fracture: the mouth of the tape is empty or open;

  Tape layering: separation of glue and fabric.

     The following Shandong Tongtai Rubber Co., Ltd. In order to analyze the reasons for the damage of the tape:

  Reasons for excessive wear of rubber belt in Shandong Tongtai Rubber Co., Ltd

  1) The nose cleaner (scraper) is too tight, which causes great friction to the belt, and makes the working face of the belt wear too fast.

  2) The pressure of the non-working surface of the rubber belt is too large for the non-working surface of the rubber belt, which causes fast wear of the non-working surface of the rubber belt.

  3) the leather size on the guide groove of the belt conveyor is too long or too wide, resulting in too much friction of the leather on the belt and too fast wear.

  4) The damage caused by the particle size and composition of the material transported by the tape affects the wear of the tape.

  5) belt conveyor idler can not operate normally more, forming the belt wear too fast, the upper idler wear faster than the working face, the lower idler wear faster than the working face.

  Causes of abnormal wear of rubber belt in Shandong Tongtai Rubber Co., Ltd

  2.1 Slip belt conveyor causes belt wear

  1) When the tape passes through the roller, there is serious relative sliding friction between the tape and the roller, which is called slipping. Skidding does not necessarily exist in the driving drum, but the driving drum produces skidding damage to the belt is large, but also the formation of more.

  2) The direct cause of the belt slipping on the driving drum is that the friction between the driving drum and the belt is not enough to drive the belt to operate normally. Here's why:

  (1) the weight of the material transported on the tape is seriously overloaded;

  (2) the belt conveyor overall problems, the tape is stuck at a certain point;

  ③ The wrap Angle of the driving drum is damaged.

  3) The direct reason for the rubber belt to slip on the reversing roller is that the friction force of the rubber belt on the reversing roller is not enough to drive the rotation of the reversing roller. Here's why:

  (1) the reversing roller bearing is damaged, and the running resistance is too large;

  ② change to the drum is stuck by the material.


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