Large angle sidewall conveyor belt



● Main uses and features

It can make all kinds of bulk materials from 0 to 90 degrees for arbitrary Angle of continuous transmission, with the characteristics of large Angle of transmission, wide range of application, small area of occupation, reduced civil construction materials, no transfer point, low maintenance cost, large throughput, etc., to solve the ordinary transport belt and pattern conveyor belt can not reach the Angle of transmission. Wavy edge conveyor belt can be designed into a complete set of conveying system according to requirements, to avoid intermittent conveying and complex conveying lifting system. The corrugated side conveyor belt can transport various bulk materials from coal, ore, sand to fertilizer and grain along the horizontal, inclined, vertical and variable Angle directions. The material particle size is not limited, can be from very small size to large size of 500mm, the throughput can be from 1 cubic meter/hour to 6000 cubic meter/hour.
  1, energy saving and consumption reduction
  The flange belt produced by our company adopts a special transverse rigid base belt, which solves the phenomenon of belt collapse in the process of return of large size flange belt. For the conveying of no materials, we have the first-hand data of successful transverse rigid calculation that has been tested by practice. Guaranteed to minimize downtime, reduce power loss, extend the life of the belt, thereby bringing you a real reduction in operating costs.
  2. Unique diaphragm design
  The diaphragm produced by our company is made of fiber composite material, which has great rigidity, enhanced impact resistance and avoided deformation of the diaphragm due to stress. In the case of heavy wear and tear, the diaphragm can be made into inlay type, such as TS and TCS, for easy maintenance. When the inclination Angle of the conveyor is less than 40 degrees, the diaphragm is T type or TS type; when the inclination Angle is greater than 40 degrees, the diaphragm is C type, TC type and TCS type.
  3, skirt
  When the spacing of the diaphragm is arranged, the wave peak of the wavy baffle should be considered to prevent the material from leaking from the two joints and causing the dead Angle of the material when unloading. The corrugated edge belt produced by our company is bolted to the diaphragm, which increases the overall rigidity and improves the performance of the service, and solves the problem of material leakage.

 ● Specifications and parameters

Combination table of wavy edge belt and diaphragm (mm) 


● Technical parameters

Combination parameters of wavy flaps



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