Whole core conveyor belt


● Structural features and applications

The skeleton bearing body is an integral core. The core body is impregnated with PVC paste and then coated with PVC or PVG adhesive. The finished tape has excellent flame retardant and electrostatic conductivity properties. The belt body is light, high tensile strength, the overall performance is good, the belt body does not delamination, impact resistance, tear resistance, suitable for underground coal mine flammable occasions to transport coal, can also be used in the requirements of non-flammable, electrostatic conduction of electric power, chemical, metallurgy and other industries.

● Product Category Segmentation

According to the different rubber cover, the overall core conveyor belt is divided into:
The upper and lower capping adhesive of PVC conveyor belt are PVC capping adhesive. The thickness of single side capping adhesive is less than 1.0mm. The use environment is not less than -10℃
The PVG conveyor belt upper cover glue and the lower cover glue are nitrile glue, can be used for coal mine shaft Angle Angle below 20° conveying occasions. This kind of product is the excellent product of Tongtai (Shandong) in the whole country, the use temperature is not lower than -10℃.

● Technical parameters


● The minimum roller diameter is recommended



● Specification of


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