Tubular conveyor belt


Field drawing of tubular conveyor belt

   The better choice of airtight transport materials, materials and dust will not float, do not spill, do not leak, keep the environment clean. Conveying line can be curved three-dimensional space conveying, easy to match the surrounding environment, small space. Large dip Angle conveying. The upper and lower branches of the belt can be used to transport materials in both directions.

Finite element analysis is used to determine the better transverse stiffness of the pipe belt and reduce the bending and twisting of the pipe at the bend. The use of raw materials, long-term maintenance lap joint sealing, pipe type does not collapse.

● Product Category Segmentation

Different frame materials can be used according to the transport distance, tension degree and conveyor belt strength
Stratified fabric core tubular belt (short haul, low strength)
Wire rope tubular core belt (long haul, high strength)
According to the delivery of materials, temperature, energy consumption requirements, can choose to use different types of adhesive
Wear resistance at normal temperature, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, low rolling resistance and energy saving 

● Technical parameters


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